Sunday, September 5, 2010

You smile at me
Take another shot, you say
Tomrrow, I cry

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The wind was biting, tearing at the very desire to live. Yet he struggled forward. Nothing would prevent him from seeing her again. Just one step forward.

He had been down on the surface for several weeks now. The eternal winter pulled at his sanity, made him question what he was struggling for. He had found nothing of what he looked for. None of the medicines which could form only on Earth.

She was dying. He had known that he wouldn't even make it back before she died. But his search gave her hope. And that was enough for him.

The wind howled, bringing him to his daunting journey. The cliffs were up ahead. And at the top lay the only port on Earth that still functioned.

Twelve years. It had been twelve years since the first space station, EMELIA, had crashed. Others had crashed since, but it was EMELIA that first brought humanity to despair. Life still lived after that first crash, but man had lost everything. No technology on the planet had survived the magnetic release, and civilization began to crumble without the crutches that where no more.

The wind brought him back to the present once more, and he went off towards the cliffs, determined to see her face one last time.

This is part of the first chapter of a story I am working on. I wrote something along similar lines long ago, but I lost the original manuscript. And tonight while I was surfing facebook, I saw something that made me entirely bitter and angry, and I just had to write this again. I'm gonna post the other part of it soon, but my anger is gone, and I just can't write well when I'm in a good mood :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Stars Are My Blanket

Staring at the stars, hugging me like a blanket
Everyone says we are meant to be together, but I wonder where you're at
You are a person I've never met, so how can I know you are real?

The stars whisper truths to me, calming like an artisan with their craft
They say you are out there, that you are my other half
But you cannot be, for I've never broken my seal

The stars caress me, and they are my lovers
Everyone speaks of this soulmate, but they're all liars
I just met you, and you fit me with circles where I have squares

As always, comments are welcome :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Short story of the week also!

The egg cracked in my hands. It wasn't a big deal, just throw it out, get a new one. I couldn't afford to skip breakfast today. The next egg was perfect. I always enjoyed hard boiled eggs. Put it in the pot, turn the heat up, put the next in.

The stove didn't turn on. I had forgotten to pay the electric bill. I grabbed an apple, bit into it. Rotten. I had nothing to eat. Everything except the eggs was either rotten, or required electricity to make.

The day couldn't go to waste. I got dressed. Called my boyfriend, told him I'd be there in an hour.

As I was driving to his house, I noticed a side road. Not any side road. The same side road that seemed to call to me every time I drove by. I had enough time to see where it lead. I turned down it.

It was beautiful. I rolled my windows down. Birds flew about, flowers were in bloom. A creek whispered happily nearby. The trees seemed to sing of the joys of life. I was hypnotized by the beauty.

I looked at my phone. Low battery. I had a spare charger at my boyfriends house. It was of little consequence. The time said I had been on the road for half an hour. Time to turn around.

As I was turning, a truck came speeding down towards me. I tried to get out of its way, but I was awkwardly placed. It hit me full force at my side. I blacked out.

I woke up, blood everywhere. I had been hit into the creek. I tried to move, but the door of the car had been crushed into my legs. I was stuck.

No longer was this a place of beauty. There were no birds, no flowers. The creek seemed to murmur death. The trees looked as demons.

I tried to reach my phone. It was nowhere in sight. Slowly, the car was filling up with water. My hands were bloodied, as were my legs, face, and chest. It wasn't possible for a body to have this much blood.

I blacked out again. When I woke up, I was in my house. I went to make eggs. The first I took cracked in my hands. I got a second, and put it in a pot on the stove. The stove wouldn't turn on, so I grabbed an apple. It tasted like death. I went to lie down.

I woke up again. It had been four days now that I was trapped in my car. My wounds felt of infection. I thought of how happy this placed seemed, so long ago. Now it was merely death. I thought of my boyfriend. He was either worried or angry. He was going to propose to me that day, so long ago. I remember my sister telling me, then realizing what she had said. I had laughed.

I wondered if I could ever laugh again, feel his touch, hear her voice. I started to cry. I cried until I fell once more asleep.

I woke up again, and this time there were people nearby. They were talking about something. I listened.

" 2 years or so. You said you found this car out here while hiking?"

2 years? I've only been here several days! I tried moving, screaming. I tried to open my eyes! I could do nothing!

"Well, I'll have him taken to the morgue. He deserves a proper burial."

Burial?! Was I dead?

Weekly (Daily?) Haiku

So I've decided to create weekly, or perhaps daily, haiku, so that I can keep the creative juices flowing. Here is the first one

Wind dances through trees
Why do the clouds laugh sadly?
The soul wants desire

How is it? Comments are appreciated :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Merely A Name

In all this time since we've met
You've caused me heartbreak and pain
And now, in my heart, I've managed to forget,
all that you are, and you are merely a name.

When I first saw you, all I was told
is that all you would give me was regret.
But I ignored them, I saw you as more than gold.
You were more than a name, one I didn't want to forget

I was blind, but you could could see clearly
You stole my heart, you tore it to pieces.
I've taken glue, and now it stands, though weakly.
But when I hear your name, its strength ceases.

I've told myself these feelings are good
That Tennyson was right all along
But sadly, I misunderstood
Your name is no better than any other wrong.

So I say to you now,
it was you I overcame,
I can't see how,
You'll ever be more than a name.

*So I don't remember writing this, but I wrote it recently. I'm pretty sure I was asleep when it was written, but I like it :)