Sunday, June 13, 2010

Merely A Name

In all this time since we've met
You've caused me heartbreak and pain
And now, in my heart, I've managed to forget,
all that you are, and you are merely a name.

When I first saw you, all I was told
is that all you would give me was regret.
But I ignored them, I saw you as more than gold.
You were more than a name, one I didn't want to forget

I was blind, but you could could see clearly
You stole my heart, you tore it to pieces.
I've taken glue, and now it stands, though weakly.
But when I hear your name, its strength ceases.

I've told myself these feelings are good
That Tennyson was right all along
But sadly, I misunderstood
Your name is no better than any other wrong.

So I say to you now,
it was you I overcame,
I can't see how,
You'll ever be more than a name.

*So I don't remember writing this, but I wrote it recently. I'm pretty sure I was asleep when it was written, but I like it :)


  1. Yey I like the idea that you started this blog I like your writing and I will enjoy reading it all in one place. :)